What is a spiral fracture causes and treatment

When the torque is applied along the parallel axis, the planes that are perpendicular to it will not be affected. Tension is exerted on one section of bone, whilst compression occurs on the other. In case these forces exceed the limit that is endurable by the bone, the fracture is caused. When it comes to spiral fracture, early detection and prompt treatment management are very crucial. When this is the case, the best treatment option is surgery in order to stabilize the bones and expedite complete healing.

If the fracture is comparatively clean and the bones can be reduced, then the affected limb ought to be immobilized using a cast. The typical recovery time for a spiral fracture is about 6 weeks.

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When a bone fractures in a helix form under a torsion force a spiral fracture develops. By and large, a spiral fracture produces jagged edges that are rather difficult to reduce or realign.

Usually, the typical time interval for the healing of spiral fracture is approximately 4 to 6 weeks. However, two problems arise in the treatment of a spiral fracture.

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Firstly, it is rather difficult to reduce the jagged bones and fragments in order to make them immobilized. Secondly, the chips and splinters may tear blood vessels and muscles. This is principally true if the bone was not correctly immobilized before medical treatment was given to the individual. Consequently, surgical intervention is a must and it is the most suitable treatment option for the management of a spiral fracture. Surgery to reinstate the jagged, broken bones is known as open reduction surgery and it necessitates general anesthesia.

During the surgery, the severity of damage is assessed and the region surrounding the fracture is examined for blood vessel or muscle lacerations and, if required, it is effectively tackled.

Thereafter, the bone is realigned as much as possible; then it is secured using rods, screws or pins. Then the incision is sutured closed.

The bone is immobilized and protected during the period of healing by using a cast or a splint. Sometimes, particularly in childrena spiral fracture will be fairly clean and a closed reduction is carried out to manage the case successfully, i.

Closed reduction is conducted under local anesthesia, on the other hand, some doctors prefer general anesthesia.A spiral fracture of the femur occurs when the thigh bonecommonly known as the femur, is twisted in a helical motion, causing it to break.

This type of fracture is most common in small children or elderly people, though this bone is usually very strong. The treatment will vary depending on the age and health of the person, as well as the severity of the injury.

Some fractures may only require immobilization, while others may require surgery. When someone suffers a femur spiral fracture, the leg needs to be immobilized immediately and the person with the injury needs to stay off the injured leg. If at all possible, the leg should be elevated to promote blood flow and reduce swelling, though this should only be done if the leg does not need to be moved much.

Movement can worsen the injury as well as the pain the person will suffer. These injuries tend to be quite painful to begin with, so any excess movement should be avoided. An assessment of any other injuries will also be necessary, and the injured person should be transported to a hospital while moving the limb as little as possible.

A medical professional will then order an X-ray to determine the severity of the fracture. Less serious breaks may only require that the limb be immobilized in a cast and allowed to heal over the course of months. This recovery time will vary depending on the health and age of the injured person, and the muscles of the legs are likely to weaken during the healing process.

Causes Of A Spiral Fracture: Its Symptoms And How To Treat It?

Physical therapy will therefore be necessary after a cast is removed, and it should be done under the guidance of a health professional. More serious instances of a spiral fracture of the femur will require surgical attention.

A surgeon will access the bone by making an incision into the leg, and pins or plates will be used to hold the bone together. The surgeon will also address any soft tissue injuries incurred as a result of the fracture. During the healing process, the incision wound will need to be kept clean and dry to prevent infections that can become serious or life-threatening. The recovery time for an injury that requires surgery is likely to be fairly protracted and potentially painful.

Please enter the following code:. Login: Forgot password?How does a spiral fracture differ from other kinds of bone breaks? Read on to find out more in this article. Symptoms, Causes, And Treatment In this article:. A spiral fracture, also called a torsion fracture, is a complete fracture that happens because of a twisting or rotational injury.

Basically, when a long bone is twisted by a strong force, it shatters and causes a spiral fracture. This kind of fracture mostly occurs on long bones resulting in two separate pieces of bones whose breaks distinctly resemble a winding staircase or a corkscrew.

This happens because the break occurs diagonally across the long bone. There are two kinds of spiral bone fracture:. Anything that may exert extreme twisting or rotational force on a long bone may cause a spiral fracture.

This usually happens when a limb, like a foot, remains still and grounded while the body is in motion. This can bring extreme pressure on the foot leading to the fracture. So, what exactly causes a spiral fracture? Spiral fractures are commonly the result of sports injuries or falling accidents.

It can also be because of a nutritional deficiency and metabolic bone disorder called rickets. A person with a spiral fracture will experience pain and swelling on the side of the injury. As with any other fracture, the more severe it is, the more painful it will be.

Other symptoms include:. Diagnosis of spiral fractures If you got injured and may potentially have a spiral fracture, you should tell the doctor about the events leading to the injury. This will help the doctor in accurately identifying the type of fracture sustained.

The doctor will then proceed to perform a physical exam on the site of the injury checking for the following:.

what is a spiral fracture causes and treatment

X-rays definitively show if the injury is a displaced spiral fracture or a stable spiral fracture. CT scans are responsible for showing if there is any damage to the nearby areas.

what is a spiral fracture causes and treatment

Fractures can be life-threatening if left untreated. Here are associated complications for an untreated spiral fracture:. This can lead to tissue damage and other complications.Salam here, I am a full time practicing orthopedic consultant in One Care Medical Center which is a premier orthopedic hospital in Coimbatore.

In this amazing article, we are going to discuss everything about Spiral fractures and its management. A spiral fracture is a type of fracture that results when a major twisting force is applied to a long bone. The twisting force usually tears the bone in half.

Most spiral fractures usually occur in the leg or the arm. All said and done, spiral fractures are serious injuries since the broken ends of the bone have rough edges and are quite difficult to align. Snowboarding or skiing where the leg is twisted and stuck on the ski, while the remainder of the leg continues moving.

Spiral fractures can be frequently confused with Oblique fractures. The treatment of a spiral fracture depends on the severity of the said injury and associated damage to the surrounding vessels and nerves. Post an injury, weight bearing is to be strictly avoided. Where possible immobilization should be done immediately. Ice must be applied immediately where possible to reduce swelling. All spiral fractures will invariably require surgery with general anesthesia.

Broken stray shards have to be removed before the bone can be fixed and aligned. Use of appropriate screws, rods or pins is definitely required.

Post surgery, splints or casts may be applied depending on the nature of the injury.

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Use of medication, ice, and antibiotics combined with full rest will facilitate excellent healing. Weight-bearing is usually started only after 8 to 12 full weeks post the injury.

Some severe injuries may take months to completely heal. Spiral fractures can be quite traumatic, visiting the right doctor and getting the right treatment can go a long way in helping you recover completely.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hi, Dr. In this amazing article, we are going to discuss everything about Spiral fractures and its management A spiral fracture is a type of fracture that results when a major twisting force is applied to a long bone. Spiral Fracture Causes:- Spiral fracture causes include 1. Snowboarding or skiing where the leg is twisted and stuck on the ski, while the remainder of the leg continues moving 2.

Football injuries 3. Wrestling 4. Motor vehicle accidents 5. Machinery based injuries Symptoms of Spiral fractures:- Spiral fractures cause excruciating pain. Common symptoms associated with the injury include Losing consciousness Inability to bear weight on the affected bone Tenting of the bone, where the fractured bone is ready to come through the skin Inflammation, redness, and swelling. Sometimes a loss of the pulse in the ankle or the wrist.

Spiral fractures can be frequently confused with Oblique fractures Treatment strategies:- The treatment of a spiral fracture depends on the severity of the said injury and associated damage to the surrounding vessels and nerves. Complications of spiral fracture:- Spiral fractures can be life-threatening and definitely require aggressive management Commonly reported complications of spiral fracture include, A. Blood vessel and nerve damage B. Muscle Tears C. Compartment syndrome, where the blood flow to the leg gets cut off due to inflammation D.

what is a spiral fracture causes and treatment

Osteomyelitis, which is an infection of the bone E. Pulmonary embolus wherein a blood clot can get loose and go to the lung F. Lastly shock and sepsis.The humerus is a long bone that runs from your shoulder joint to your elbow joint. You cannot lift something heavy if that bone is not strong enough. It is actually the third biggest bone in the body, after the thighbone femur and the shinbone tibia. Your humerus needs to be in a good condition and fully functional to allow you to use your elbow.

Certain injuries can affect the way your humerus functions and that is truly the case when you have a spiral fracture with your humerus. You may develop a spiral fracture pattern in the humerus due to some twisting injuries. You develop it in the shaft of the humerus when you lock your lower arm or have it trapped in machinery while the body rotates. Similarly, direct twisting forces applied during arm wrestling or throwing may also cause a spiral fracture in humerus.

If you have developed a spiral fracture, humerus will sure suffer and several symptoms will occur. You may have to deal with certain symptoms of tenderness, pain, bruising, swelling, and pain in the arm even after you start receiving treatment to stabilize the fracture.

This is usually the result of the injury around the broken bone. While your symptoms may improve after a few weeks, you should seek medical attention if you develop numbness in the affected area. You do not usually need any surgery to treat a spiral fracture in humerus. You have to wear a special splint to keep your arm in a cast to minimize movement. An open fracture may require surgery though — your doctor will repair the humerus with screws, plates, or a metal rod.

You also need to take antibiotics intravenously when you have an open fracture. It is important to receive physical therapy after your humerus starts to heal. Your physical therapist helps improve strength in your arm muscles and works to restore normal range of motion in your shoulder and elbow.

You have to work with your therapists for several months to ensure proper recovery. When you develop a spiral fracture of humerus, the chances are you will recover without any surgery or serious medical intervention.

Most people recover near normal function within a few weeks, but certain complications may arise. Some of the most possible complications of humerus fractures include the following:. A broken arm may well be the result of an unexpected accident.

However, you can always take precautionary measures to lower your risk of developing a spiral fracture of humerus. For instance:. Pes planus can occur both in adults and children over the age 5. Adults can wear special footwear and orthopedic device help develop the arch in growth. Last Updated 17 December, Better Health Information from Doctors.

Spiral Fracture: Causes And Treatment

Know ways to lower your risks in the first place. Signs of Spiral Fracture of Humerus You may develop a spiral fracture pattern in the humerus due to some twisting injuries. You may develop severe pain after an injury or a sudden force on your upper arm.OPEN Forum community member Robert Chamul understands the game-changing results of reviews, which is why the owner of Mr.

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Humeral Spiral Fracture

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Spiral Fracture of Humerus: Signs, Treatments & Prevention

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Spiral Fractures

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